CLC 2020




Worship and play together at the
Summer Of WOW!
"S.O.W." seeds together as
a family and community
in worship, play, and fun
throughout the summer
at the Christian Life Center. 

Our first event after a crazy school year: 

 Spa Retreat!

Need a Spa Retreat? Sign up with your kids, your friends, or on your own because we all need a little time to be pampered at the end of this crazy school year! We will be ordering some special Spa Supplies for all the participants, so make sure to sign up before the supplies run out... Here's the link: 

 Activities this week:​​

Catch up from last week...
Check out our posts on Facebook here:


Preschool Zoom Party at 10am
3rd-5th Grade Zoom Hangout 3pm
Kids Connect Video and Activities Posted


K-2nd Grade Zoom Hangout 3pm

Weekend Worship Video and Activities Posted at 1pm

 Coming Soon

Check back often for more events!

Coming up: Back Yard VBS Night, Kids' Clubs and More!

Volunteers and Participants...

Stay up to date on all of our new events and important information! Brief information will be found in the church announcements and bulletin, but the best way to stay current is to sign up for email updates...

Do you have any Hidden talents that would be a fun addition to the Activities of our summer of WOw? 

Contact Jeannette at

Looking for Volunteer Opportunities? We still need plenty of helpers... both Virtually and in-Person. Sign-up for Email Updates, and volunteer Opportunities will be sent out when they become available.  

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At the Summer Of Wow... our hope is that families will grow together in their faith through fun and worship. We want to "S.O.W." seeds in the summer that will lead to a Spiritual Harvest of knowledge of our Savior throughout the year.

Summer of WOW hosted by the Family Ministry of the Christian Life Center  610.869.2140

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